Dj Cide

Northwest Redbull Threestyle Champ

Syndicate Artist

Since learning to DJ as a teenager, Cide has dedicated himself to his craft with great results: He’s toured the U.S., opened up for artists like Damian Marley, Mya, LMFAO, Flava Flav and more, and is a recognized talent among Seattle’s DJ elite.

DJ Cide was raised on the creatively-charged Bainbridge Island, which fostered his love of music from a very young age. With his father on electric guitar and his mother on piano, many genres of music filled his family’s home, something which Cide feels still influences his DJ style today.

Cide’s versatility as a DJ is matched by his imaginative style, which includes smooth transitions, rich musical texture, and creative mixing. He loves to create a memorable wedding experience for a couple and their guests. “I can take any mix of songs that a couple wants to hear at their wedding and create one, fluid musical journey.”

DJ Cide’s humble, personalized approach and impeccable turntable skills make him a rare and highly sought-after DJ combination.