Frequently Asked Question


Q. How far will you travel?

A. We are based out of Seattle but frequently travel to eastern Washington and Portland. If we travel more than 4 hours hotel accommodations are required.


Q. Do you provide wireless microphones and emcees?

A. Yes. all of our wedding systems come with one wireless mic. All of our staff can and will make any announcements that you need. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate additional microphones for the ceremony and any special performances.  (additional charge)


Q. Do you provide music and speakers for the ceremony?

A. Yes. We can provide a second sound system for your ceremony if necessary. **


Q. What equipment do you need us to provide?

A. The only thing we ask you to provide is one 6 foot table. We will provide everything else.


Q. Can you provide uplighting?

A. Yes. We can include uplighting and custom gobo projection. **


Q. Can we meet with the DJ beforehand?

A. Yes. Arrangements can be made for you to meet the DJ beforehand.


Q. Can you provide custom lighting and video screens for slideshows?

A. Yes. We rent out flat screen T.V’s and front and rear projection screens. **


Q. Do we need to provide a meal for the DJ?

A. No. However keep in mind that if your event last longer than 5 hours your dj might be a little hungry.


Q. Do we have to tip the DJ?

A. A tip is not required, however if you feel the DJ did a good job a 10-20% gratuity is common practice.

( ** additional fee’s may apply.)