Frequently Asked Question


Q. Is all of your music clean?

A. Many of our DJ’s work for actual Radio Stations so by nature the music they play has to be FCC compliant. We try very hard to play music that both the students and administration will be happy with. With that said… If your school has special requirements (really strict administration) please inform your DJ beforehand.


Q. Can the students request songs?

A. Yes. We can set up an account on our website for the students to search our music library and request songs. This will not guarantee that every song will be played. The request list is only used by the DJ to base his music selection around.


Q. Will the DJ have a microphone and will he interact with the kids?

A. Yes. All of our mobile systems come with a corded microphone. Please let the DJ know how much crowd interaction you are expecting. Some DJ’s just like to just play music so unless they are told otherwise they might not be as interactive as you would like or are expecting. If your event requires a wireless mic, please inform us beforehand.


Q. What equipment do you need us to provide?

A. The only thing we ask you to provide is one 6 foot table with a clean power source within 50′ of the setup area. We will provide everything else.


Q. How much do you charge?

A. Our rates vary depending on what type of equipment you need and how many hours your event will require.


Q. How far will your company travel?

A. We will travel anywhere. Additional fees might be required if travel time is more than 1hr outside of Seattle.


Q. Can you provide custom lighting and video for formal events?

B.  Yes. The sky is the limit. Let us know what your budget is and we can make it happen.